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I Can Sum Up Everything I’ve Learned About Design In Three Words: Anything is Possible

There is no limit to our ideas of the perfect living and working space. Starting with just one space at a time will put you in the right direction to live in a space you want.

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There is a vast amount of difference in each of us and with that difference no limits to our passions, visions, and lifestyles that apply to the perfect living/working space.  From a design aspect it can make your carrier choice quite stressful, unless, you embrace that uniqueness in everyone and make it your own for each project.  It’s often difficult to walk into a home or business and absorb someones preference for colors and styles in just one or two meetings.  Life in general forces us to live with what we have opposed to live what we want to have.

For example many move into a house that exceeds their initial budget and allows little resources to change large items like cabinets, counters, flooring, window coverings, etc.  Then life in general just happens and the plans to make big changes often get’s put aside for years.  Over these years you accumulate items, some gifted, a few purchased randomly, and many purchased out of budget and convenience.  This make every living space quite eclectic and often not a reflection of what they would do with an unlimited budget and clean slate.  This is deceiving when meeting a client for the first time, what their space looks like today might not have any correlation to what they dream it would look like and for many they have lived so long with what they had they don’t know where to start.

The unfortunate reality of living your dream remodel is budget, and often that budget is significantly less than what would allow starting from a clean slate.  One room at a time is the norm.  So where do you start and what room do you start from?  I always recommend starting where you spend the most time, and if you don’t have that space today, then it’s time to build it. For some it’s the kitchen, some it outside, some it a quiet area to read, and maybe it the family room.  .  What ever that space you use the most might be take it down to the bones and make it your own.  Designing is simply about creating usable spaces regardless of style choices and your budget, anything is possible.

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